Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bone collectors in Lab Coats..and the Whole scene went MAD..

There was a time,
when paleontology was
nothing near a trade..
for white coats and dirty brushes..

back then dinosaur bones,
were just rocks..
Large pebbles in the way
of some man's foot
or another equally big and
inevitable rock
called a tyrannosaurus Rex,
or a triceratops..
or a mammoth..

Then someone got the bright idea
to start digging up
all the skeletons..
and they poked around in there..
where the genes once lived..
and they spliced them with sheep..
and the sheep grew fangs like a saber-tooth..
and attacked a group of paleontologists..
while they were dusting for bones in
a famous museum

where the other rocks could watch..

Serves 'em right..
one man says, as he steps over the bloody pile
of white coats and bristles..

That's what you get when
you dig up ghosts...

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